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Art is capturing the essence of the essence of someone's imagination.

We're an independent, creative imaging freelancers that looks beyond the confines of four walls and considers overall design. Applying many combined years of experience of our maestros, our team patiently researches your need, deeply considers your situation, pursues a creative solution, and expertly makes it real!

Handicrafts And Expressing The Imaginations With Colors Are Somethings Which Has Come Down From Generations. They Are Years Of Tradition And Culture In Our Historic Country.

Now When You Look At The Monalisa, The Paintings Of Van Gaugh, Pablo Picasso And All Those Amazing Artists, It's All Their Thoughts Their Feelings Which The Artists Make Into A Reality On Paper In Colour! Some Have Simple Imagination But When Put On Paper, Is Beautiful. Some Have Magical Imaginations, Thoughts And Feelings Which Are Expressed In Colour!

Keeping The Astuteness And subtlety We Bring You Enchanting And Bewitching Art & Decor Handcrafted By Our Indian Maestros. Does Artisanship Spellbind You? EmpyreanIndia Is The Exact Place For You To Satisfy Your Desires Of Decorating Your Blank Walls With Enticing Paintings and Art, Your Homes With Beautiful Artistic Pieces & Owning Beautiful Handworked Indian Jewellery.

Experience A beguiling mixture of Raw & Undisguised Artisanship Of Our Country!

We give you vast options of paintings to choose from. In Addition to our awesomeness, We give you an amazing option to email us whichever painting, out of our context aswell, and get it all made up according to your customization and requirement. Here are few options ranging from Pop Art to abstract art, Tanjore Art to Warsi Art! Take a look!

As, jewellery is considered auspicious for women and We take the best care of your taste, We Bring you enchanting designs from all over the country which varies from every color, size and style. Feel free to ask us to have the piece you like in your favorite color because we let you customize all the way from paintings to jewellery! Take A Look.

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We give our designers, the chance to showcase their art and earn a living using them.

EmpyreanIndia is an another name to the availability of all these enchanting models that can bring a change in your interior and presentability of your home. We not only facilitate, but also celebrate these handmade, handcrafted items by our very own artists.


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